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Mirror Me Selfie Booth Rental in Chino Hills. 

IMG_2609Rent a mirror me selfie photo booth rental from The PhotoBooth Guy in Chino Hills. From Los Angeles to Orange County, we cater our mirror me selfie photo booth rentals to all types of life events, parties, and corporate functions. Let The PhotoBooth Guy enhance your celebratory occasion with our Mirror Me Selfie Photo Booth. The Selfie is a picture you take of yourself, while looking directly at the camera, and share with others. Perhaps the pinnacle of the social media generation, it is a pop-culture norm and one that seems to epitomize this digital age of self-expression and personal branding. It has become increasingly popular for people across the world to take Selfies of themselves in unique settings with their favorite people, or new faces around them. Selfies are small, casual snapshots, that capture a feeling, a moment and can be instantly shared. While cellphone cameras are generally the medium used to capture Selfies, The PhotoBooth Guy has integrated this trend into a photo booth, called the Mirror Me Selfie Photo Booth.

Mirror Me Selfie Photo Booth for Events in Orange County and Los Angeles

Harnessing sophisticated technology, The PhotoBooth Guy’s Mirror Me Selfie Photo Booth allows individuals to take pictures by looking into a mirror that is also a camera. They can add text, insert emojis, and snap the photos all in a matter of seconds with the sweep of their hand and then, quickly post live for their social media followers. This is perhaps the most interactive of all photo booth rental experiences. In seconds, your guests can share this Selfie on Instagram, Facebook, and even the event website itself.

Selfies at Events

The joy of every event we attend is in the moments we share together. What better way to highlight those moments than to capture them in your own unique way and share the memories while they are being made! This is the beauty of our Mirror Me Selfie Photo Booth. While our Selfie booths are most widely used in our social events (i.e. weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), they are becoming increasingly popular with production company events, including movie premieres, red carpet events, product launches, and much more. 

Selfie Photo Booth for Production Company Events in Los Angeles

Hollywood loves the camera, and the camera loves Hollywood! What better opportunity to showcase talent and show the production team and investors a great time, than to provide a moment of joy and escape in a red-carpet inspired selfie photo booth. Give The PhotoBooth Guy a call!

Selfie Photo Booth for Corporate Events in Orange County

The PhotoBooth Guy likes to think of the Selfie Photo Booth as an opportunity to associate your brand and company with a moment of pure joy and fun, along with self-expression and individuality. If gaining recognition and a loyal client base comes from emotionally connecting with your customers and creating a positive association, capturing moments like these is surely one way to make this possible.
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