Boomerang & GIF Booth

Fun Boomerang & GIF Photo Booth Rentals in Chino Hills

At The PhotoBooth Guy in Chino Hills, our boomerang and GIF booth rentals is a great marketing tool and party perk! We proudly offer top-quality boomerang and GIF photo booth rentals to events residing in Orange County and Los Angeles. As Instagram has proven, some moments are just too exciting not to repeat. Boomerang and GIFs are fun features that have been quickly integrated by thousands of Instagram and Facebook users. Not only do these features allow you to capture a moment, they present it in a unique way that allows you to see it again and again, and playfully re-create it.

How the Boomerang Booth and GIF Photo Booth Rentals Work

Like the hugely popular Instagram app, you tap the screen and boomerang brings it back! The boomerang booth takes a series of 10 shots, and then transforms them into a mini video. This can be instantly shared on Instagram and Facebook directly from inside the photo booth! This is instantaneous memory sharing, and we love it.

IMG_2605GIFs are animated or moving images that can be replayed and shown just like a photo. Adding this movement to your photo, truly makes the moment come alive. Imagine showcasing a GIF image of the bride and groom kissing, the CEO giving a handshake, the birthday boy blowing out his candles, or the anniversary couple laughing together. GIFs are pictures in movement that truly capture the moment.  We can think of no better way to remember your event for a lifetime! If you have any questions, contact The PhotoBooth Guy today. With our exceptional customer service and quality photo booth rentals, we will exceed all your expectations!

Your Unique Photo Booth Rental in Orange County and Los Angeles

Using exclusively social media, rather than hard prints, is a fun and modern way to present, capture, and share the memories you’ll want to remember, with the people you’ll never forget. The entire front area of our Boomerang & GIF photo booth rentals can be used as a canvass for your unique event. The photo booth itself can be tailored to showcase your brand or logo (corporate events) and your unique personality (social events).

For corporate events, the GIF or Boomerang photo booth can also be used for data-capture purposes—as we obtain contact information—that can be used for keeping in touch with potential clients, partner, and networks among for your attendees.

Boomerang & GIF Photo Booth for Social Events

Social Media is an instantaneous space for social sharing and capturing moments together. Boomerang videos and GIFs allow us to harness the joy and playfulness of the moments we share together at your events. Whether it’s seeing your daughter wearing a crown for the first time and posing as a princess; donning a paper mustache with your best friend; or holding the words “bride” and “groom” together for the first time, this moment is meant to be shared. Our clients have adored featuring photo booths at their weddings, birthday bashes, school functions, and much more! Give us a call to learn more about our boomerang and GIF photo booth rentals.

Boomerang & GIF Photo Booth for Brand Activation and Corporate Events

Brand Activation is the art of driving consumer action through Brand interaction and experiences. It’s about bringing brands to life via experiences and forming long-term emotional connections. Boomerang & GIFs are modern tools that can instantly create a memorable experience that ties a feeling to your brand and company identity. It is widely recognized in the marketplace that customers and clients want to feel an emotional tie to the products they buy and services they enlist. Having a unique and memorable photo booth moment, at your event, allows them to have that feeling, create a memory, and associate that memory with your brand.